A python toolbox to generate focused ion beam patterning layouts#


fib-o-mat is a Python library to create beam patterns for focused ion beam instruments.

  • build-in modeling of patterning geometries

  • customizable rasterization styles

  • optimization of patterning geometries and rasterized patterns

  • extendable

Pattern geometries can be modeled directly in Python based on (pre-)defined geometric primitives or imported from vector graphics. These can be equipped with beam and rasterizing settings and exported to microscope compatible files.

fib-o-mat is by designed flexible and easily expandable. Hence, adding support for different microscopes, custom geometric primitives or optimization routines is a straightforward process.

For the usage of fib-o-mat, basic python knowledge and good understanding of the target microscope are mandatory. See Getting started for an introduction to this library and the User Guide for a complete documentation. The module reference is to be found here.

Please use the issue system on gitlab for bug reports and questions concerning the package.

Made with 🖤 and ☕ at HZB and FBH in Berlin.

If you use this library in your work, please cite

Deinhart, V., Kern, L.-M., Kirchhof, J. N., Juergensen, S., Sturm, J., Krauss, E., Feichtner, T., Kovalchuk, S., Schneider, M., Engel, D., Pfau, B., Hecht, B., Bolotin, K. I., Reich, S., & Höflich, K. (2021). The patterning toolbox FIB-o-mat: Exploiting the full potential of focused helium ions for nanofabrication. Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, 12(1), 304–318.