🧪 Contributing#

To contribute custom code, follow the steps below.

  1. fork fib-o-mat

  2. create a new branch, e.g. git checkout -b my-new-branch

  3. commit your changes, git add ..., git commit -m "..."

  4. push the code. git push origin my-new-branch

  5. create a merge request from the fork (see here)

🧪 Versioning#

Versioning is done with help of bump2version. Run

$ bump2version {major|minor|patch}

in the root folder of fib-o-mat to increase the corresponding number. Push the resulting commit to the git repository.

🧪 Building the docs#

In the [fib-o-mat]/docs folder run

$ make docs

The docs are outputted in [fib-o-mat]/build/sphinx/html.

For this, the some extra packages must be installed. Install them by running

$ pip install -r requirements_docs.txt

in the [fib-o-mat]/docs folder.

🧪 Building wheel packages (for pypi)#


$ python sdist

to build a source distribution which will be placed in [fib-o-mat]/dist.


Linux wheel packages are build with dockcross. For this, docker must be installed.

Run the build script

$ ./

The wheel packages for python 3.8 and 3.9 are placed in [fib-o-mat]/dist.




$ python bdist-wheel

on a MS Windows system with Visual Studio installed. It is test with with Visual Studio 2017.

The wheel packages for python 3.8 and 3.9 are placed in [fib-o-mat]/dist.