Fib-o-mat requires python 3.8+ and can be easily installed via pip on the most systems. Pre-build packages are available for 64 bit linux and windows systems. It is highly recommended to use a virtual environment, e.g.

$ python -m venv .venv
# for *nix systems
$ source .venv/bin/activate
# for MS windows
$ .venv\Scripts\activate.bat
# install fib-o-mat
$ pip install --upgrade fibomat

This should run a usual GNU/Linux or Windows system. See here for more information on virtual environments.

If no suited pre-build packages are found, the pip command above triggers compilation of the package. This requires a c++ compiler supporting c++17 (e.g. gcc >= 8.3, VS 2017 15.3), cmake >= 3.14 and nodejs >= 10.13.0.


macOS is currently not supported. Even so, the package might be build correctly and can used without any problems.

Building from source#

Clone the git repository with

$ git clone

and run the following command in the fib-o-mat directory

$ pip install .
# or
$ pip install -e .

The latter installs fib-o-mat in development mode.


Due to a bug in the underlying build system, you have to remove the _skbuild folder manually if you try to install (a modified) version of fib-o-mat again. See also here for a bug report.