fibomat.backend.registry module#

class fibomat.backend.registry.Registry[source]#

Bases: object

Class is used to register and store backends for exporting.

Usually, you do not have to create an instance yourself and you rather should use the predefined instance registry.

property backends: Dict[str, Type[BackendBase]]#

Dict[str, Type[BackendBase]]: registered backends

register(class_: Type[BackendBase], name: str) Type[BackendBase][source]#

Register the the backend class class_ with name name. name has to be used in get() to retrieve the backend class.


name can by arbitrary and any other registered backend with the same name gets overwritten.


class_ (typing.Type[BackendBase]): backend class to be registered name (str): name of the backend

TypeError: Raised if class_ is not a subclass of


get(name: str) Type[BackendBase][source]#

Returns the registered backend with name name


name (str): Name of backend


typing.Type[BackendBase]: Backend class

fibomat.backend.registry.registry = <fibomat.backend.registry.Registry object>#

Registry instance