fibomat.raster_styles.zero_d.prerasterized module#

class fibomat.raster_styles.zero_d.prerasterized.PreRasterized[source]#

Bases: RasterStyle

property dimension: int#

Returns the required dimensionality a shape must have to apply this raster style Returns:

rasterize(dim_shape: DimShape, mill: Mill, out_length_unit: Unit, out_time_unit: Unit) RasterizedPattern[source]#

Rasterize the given shape.

The number of repeats and dwell_time defined in the mill object must be applied! The points and dwell times in the returned RasterizedPoints object must be scaled according to out_length_unit and out_time_unit.


dim_shape (DimObjLike[Shape, LengthUnit]): shpae with length unit to be rasterized. mill (Mill): mill out_length_unit (LengthUnit): length unit of returned RasterizedPoints out_time_unit (TimeUnit): time unit of returned RasterizedPoints



clone() RasterStyle#

Deep copy the raster style.